shown how to feel good and told to feel bad.

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When you go to a haunted house, it may seem like you’re being funny by trying to scare the actors or jump out at them when you go through a second time, but guess what? ITS NOT FUNNY.

You pay us to scare you. It is your choice to go, so don’t fucking go through if you’re going to ignore the rules and get too close to the actors as a ‘joke’.

These bruises happened because over the course of 4 hours, several people ignored the instructions that CLEARLY stated that they were to wait in the front room until told otherwise. Rather than listen, they ran into the next room and slammed into me- effectively throwing me into the wall. This didn’t only happen once. It happened ten times at LEAST.

Then we had this asshole who thought that once I ‘died’ for the haunt, he could pretend to kick me to see if I’d moved. I, being used to people abusing me- jumped back and slammed my head into the concrete wall.


I feel that this is relevant considering it is October and more Haunted Houses are opening up. I know it seems funny to scare the ‘monsters’ but all you do is hurt real people. So stop.

It’s not even October but I’m still spreading this


Yeah…your director may want to consider reblocking

We don’t have a director? Or blocking??? It’s a haunted house bro, not a play

Reblogging for relevance-

I work at a Haunted House every October, and have been for the past few years. Our house in particular is staffed by Volunteer workers who are either earning credits for Graduation, or people who know the Family that owns the haunted attraction. In our City, we’re one of two Haunted Houses, so while we open in late September, we tend to get incredibly busy during the month of October and often work from 6pm until 2, 3am on weekends. 

We do not get paid to help out. Due to our location, we get a lot of drunk guys coming through, and a lot of ‘funny’ teenagers. In my several years working there, I’ve seen Actors get grabbed and thrown, stomped on, kicked, bitten, everything. A lot of the Actors at this attraction are young teenagers, Middle and Secondary School students, so this kind of abuse is terrifying and potentially emotionally scarring.

There’s a position half-way through the house we call ‘Psych Ward’, and it’s essentially a jump scare. The scare is a corner-room, boxed in with walls and broken windows, that the Actor pops out of and shouts and taunts the people going through. October, 2012, a couple were going through the Psych Ward corner and the scare went off as per usual. The girlfriend of this couple got very startled but laughed it off and continued on. The boyfriend, however, back-tracked and went up to the broken window and punched the Actor in the face for scaring his girlfriend. The Actor, who I’m going to call Tracy, had a black eye for a good two weeks solid and the couple had to be escorted out of the house and were banned from the property. Ever since we’ve ruled that Veteran Actors (someone who’s been there for 3+ years) are the only ones allowed in this particular Scaring Spot.

He paid to get scared and then got violent when we delivered.

There are so many stories I can tell of ignorant customers banging back on scares and injuring the Actors inside, grabbing props from the actors and hurting them with it, destroying props because they thought it would be ‘funny’. 

I just want to raise awareness that the ACTORS ARE STILL PEOPLE. We’re instructed to get the best kind of scare out of you, sometimes with no pay at all (like this particular attraction), so please respect our work.

We wouldn’t come to your job, mock you, and push you around trying to be ‘funny’. Don’t come to our job and do that to us!

reblogging because ‘tis the season.

tl;dr: If you react to scares with violence, you have no business in a haunted house or similar attractions.

If you think it’s funny to attack people who work or volunteer at these attractions, you do not belong there and I hope you get your neck broken and they use your body as one of the decorations.

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Dear Thirsty Motherfuckers of Tumblr,


I hate to be the one to break it to you, I really do. You’ve been living in a world of ignorant bliss. But it’s time to set the record straight.

This delusion that because your sad clown of a dick gets hard to a picture on my blog (I would say “picture of me” but I know that you guys don’t even check most of the time, you see some T and A and don’t even bother to check the source because you’re so fucking dehydrated) means that I care needs to end.

I don’t care about your pathetic schlong. Really I don’t. It’s not pathetic by nature, of course. Hell, it may be pleasing. But it’s attached to your pathetic, thirsty body and that’s about as dissatisfying a dick as you will ever find. Especially when you thrust it into our inbox with your poorly shot, poorly lit, and overall poorly composed dick-pic-as-an-icon.

I swear I have never seen anyone with a vagina put their vag as their icon but I’ve seen hundreds of unwelcome dick pics. So what level of pathetic and insecure and boundary-violating do you have to be to just shove that sad dick into everyone’s corneas? You have a problem. You need to stop.

So keep your dick out of your icon. If you want your icon to be sexual selfie, try a timer and pose nude from a distance. Take a picture of some other body part (most of the ladies who like male physiques also care about butt and jawlines, just FYI. Your dick is visually worthless). This close up of a dick that is about as visually appealing as shit on a log with cockroaches coming out of it is just unacceptable and ya need to knock it off.

Additionally, keep unwanted sexual fantasies out of my inbox. “But you post nudes, and talk about sexually related things in general/in context of you boyfriend! Isn’t that indicative that you want to hear about and see my dick!?!” says the brain that is so starved of blood I’m amazed you’re alive right now. I know this may be hard for your bloodless-brain to understand right now so I’ll go slow…. JUST. BECAUSE. I TALK. ABOUT SEXUAL THINGS. ON MY BLOG. DOES NOOOOOOT MEAN. THAT I. WANT TO HAVE. SEXUAL CONVERSATIONS. WITH YOU. STRANGER.


JUST BECAUSE YOUR DICK IS HARD FOR ME DOESN’T MEAN MY PUSSY CARES ABOUT YOU WHATSOEVER. (spoiler alert: She doesn’t. She doesn’t know you and doesn’t want to get to know you.)

The only way to know if I want your fantasies? IF I SPELL IT OUT, MOTHERFUCKER! Unless I say something to the effect of “Oh strangers who follow me on tubmlr, pls send me sexual messages” then I don’t want to hear them.

Do we have an understanding? Enough with the dick pics. Enough with the uncalled for vocalized fantasies. I’m totally chill with you fantasizing, it gives the exhibitionist in me a warm fuzzy feeling. But I’m not interested in talking to you about it. Enjoy the show, keep your mouth shut, fingers off your keyboard, and move on.

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