shown how to feel good and told to feel bad.

hello. i'm sassy and my name is sasha. i'm a mix between a princess and a fire breathing dragon. 18 year old cat lady. new york. i haven't met a butt i didn't like. no apologies, no regrets.


Do people know how the US government works? Cuz a lot of you are like “Why isn’t Obama doing this thing that he’s completely not allowed to do?

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Draco: Nice scar. Where did you get it?
Harry: Thanks. Voldemort gave it to me back in the 80's.
Draco: Vintage. So adorable.
Harry: Thanks. *walks away*
Draco: That is the ugliest effing scar I've ever seen.


when i was little i thought food poisoning meant that someone had literally poisoned your food and one time my sister got food poisoning from mccdonalds so i told everyone at school that the drive thru guy tried to kill my sister

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