shown how to feel good and told to feel bad.

people destroying the patriarchy hello cutie!!! :~) i'm sassy and my name is sasha. i'm a mix between a princess and a fire breathing dragon. 17 year old cat lady. new york. i haven't met a butt i didn't like. no apologies, no regrets.

I hope this doesn't sound ignorant or rude, but what is the difference between a binary and non-binary gender? Is it the same as cisgender and trans*gender?


It’s fine!

Binary = male or female (whether you’re cis or trans).

Non-binary = genderfluid (you identify alternately as male and female), gender neutral (you identify as neither male nor female, but somewhere in between) or otherwise genderqueer.

P.s. the correct way to write transgender is without the asterisk! x

Watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier


5 minutes in…


10 minutes in (you know the scene)


15 minutes in


For the rest of the movie


End of movie


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